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Towels Reinvented

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Aquazorb has transformed ordinary household objects like towels, bathrobes and floor mats into luxurious domestic items that add touches of comfort and style to one’s home. From there, Aquazorb moved on to athletic equipment in the form of yoga towels and sports towels, calculated to enhance performance during exercise and physical activity. The roster also includes the Ultra-Thin Series, towels that are designed for maximum compactness while maintaining its durability and absorption capacity, ideal for travel. The products have grown recently to include a new line of towels engineered specifically to care for pets.

However, Aquazorb is releasing its latest product whose tagline effectively summarizes what Aquazorb stands for – Towels Reinvented. The success of these towels is based on their capacity to fulfill needs that consumers were previously unaware of. After all, to the average person, a towel’s only purpose is to dry oneself, whether after a shower or a workout.

What people didn’t realize until they used an Aquazorb towel was the kind of effect a towel could have. This is a towel that is so soft it can relax you after a warm shower at the end of a long day, a towel that can get you back into a basketball game completely dry and refreshed, a towel so convenient it takes up minimal space in a bag. This towel does away with all those minor inconveniences people never really think about, like the fact that regular towels take too long to dry, or are too bulky to pack.

By taking a product as seemingly commonplace as a towel and turning it into an item of sheer convenience and delicacy, Aquazorb has already found its edge in a market where brands are virtually invisible. People buy towels without really thinking about brands; instead, they consider price, size, and softness, among other factors. However, the Aquazorb towel is in a class by itself. Integrating technology to create a towel unparalleled in almost all aspects was certainly a major step in making Aquazorb more prominent as a brand.

The real importance of Aquazorb’s emerging success is rooted in the idea that not only are they reinventing towels, but more importantly, reinventing lives. Aquazorb’s products are specially designed to make life easier and more comfortable for everybody, regardless of who you are or what you like to do.

By reinventing the ordinary towel, Aquazorb created a purpose. However simple a towel may be, it can do so much, from keeping you snug and warm after you shower and relax after a hard day’s work, to making sure your pets stay healthy and dry after running around in the yard all afternoon.

If Aquazorb towels can create a positive impact on our lifestyles, why let it end there? We all have to start somewhere. Why not get into yoga or pilates to stay fit, or go for a run some afternoons? Go someplace you’ve never been, and take lots of photos. Take an evening off to relax and read that book you’ve been meaning to finish. Give it enough time, and before you know it, you’ll be healthy and fit, well-traveled, and well-read. Reinventing doesn’t mean taking something and turning it into something completely different from what it first was. It’s more of rediscovering what was first there and taking it in a new direction.

However, reinvention comes hand-in-hand with a positive mindset. These days, it’s something particularly difficult to accomplish, especially because it’s such an overused concept. Think about it this way instead – yoga fans swear by meditation and the rhythm of yoga. To many people, yoga seems to be just one of the many ways to get into shape. What yoga is really trying to achieve, as its enthusiasts have discovered, is to relax and calm the mind to the point that it stays in the same calm state whether one is doing a yoga pose, sitting in front of a computer finishing up a report, or chasing kids who are up way past their bedtime.

The idea here is that to genuinely reinvent yourself means that even in the middle of the busiest day of the week you can still find a chance to stop and smell the roses. Because today’s typical lifestyles tends to be both hectic and stressful, we tend to miss out on a lot of the things that should really matter.

Aquazorb reinvents more than towels, Aquazorb can help you reinvent yourself.