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The Art of Falling in Love With Paris

The exact moment I fell in love with French art was during the final scene of Vincent and the Doctor, an episode from sci-fi TV drama Doctor Who. Basically, it involves time traveling to 1890 Provence, meeting Vincent van Gogh, and chasing aliens. But that’s another story. A year later, I fly to Paris giddy […]


Tali Beach: Take a Break

Everyone needs a break. Whether it be from summer classes, work or life itself, it’s always good to squeeze in some adventure into our busy schedules. So despite having an exam cruelly set on the Monday after Easter, my family and I braved the Holy Week traffic and headed for Tali Beach at Batangas. It’s […]


Calayan Island: The Beach Less-Traveled

Calayan Island is located in the northernmost part of the Philippines, and is the largest of the five major islands of Babuyan. I travelled to this island with a group of friends who were up for a crazy adventure. We took a Victory Liner bus from Kamias to Aparri, Cagayan. It was the longest bus […]


Be in the Loop

Every day of our lives is filled up with our day-to-day routine, whatever it may be – going to work or to school, heading home or having a night out with your friends, or maybe you have a weekly workout routine. We all have a tendency to get trapped in our habit of simply following […]


Towels Reinvented

Aquazorb is known for the well-loved superabsorbent towels, but this year, we took the towel in a new direction yet again by adding the Aquazorb Loop, made exclusively by Aquazorb. What makes the Loop so special? It is specially designed not only to conveniently hang your towel up on any available space; it has been […]