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The Skill to Perform: RP Poomsae

For the Philippines, the athletes who are sent to represent the country abroad are a great source of hope and pride. Some of the most notable Filipino athletes are the members of the poomsae team, who are skilled in the “forms” of taekwondo. The national poomsae team has consistently brought home medals from international competitions […]


Athlete Spotlight: Jessie Lacuna

Nineteen-year-old Jessie Khing Lacuna, an Olympian at age 16, is one of the best Filipino swimmers of all time. After taking two years off, he is now a college freshman studying at the Ateneo de Manila University, and is one of the newest members of Ateneo’s varsity team, the FAST Ateneo Swimming Team. “I can […]


Coach Archimedes Lim : On Swimming and Motivation

Every day, athletes train hard to earn their medals and awards, the marks of their accomplishments. No matter what sport you play, there is no doubt that there is no room for those who rest on their laurels when it comes to being an athlete. Becoming the best requires hard work and determination. However, these […]


Gym Essentials

Exercise should be a permanent part of our routine, yet it’s so difficult to find the motivation to hit up the gym for an hour’s workout, or to get up early in the morning to swim a few laps. Why is that? We always find one excuse or another, just to avoid exercising, and the […]