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J&J Taekwondo: It Takes Two to Taekwondo

John Paul Lizardo, Japoy to friends and family, appears on the cover of Sports Digest with Janice Lagman slung over his shoulder. Japoy flexes his biceps (muscled arm fully covered by his taekwondo uniform) and makes a goofy, faux-macho face while Janice flashes a grin. It all comes with a pun-y tagline that says “Let […]


Why Myanmar?

“Veree beeyootiful?” The boatman calls out in a thick accent from the end of the boat. His face breaks into a huge grin, revealing teeth stained red from chewing betel nut. It takes me by surprise as he hasn’t said much throughout the boat ride. He raises a hand, brown from years spent as a […]


Athlete Spotlight: Jermaine Choa Peck

Looking at Jermaine Choa Peck’s Instagram account is a lot like browsing through a travel and lifestyle blog. Photos of a beach bonfire in Zambales and the Wawa Dam in Montalban grace the pages, photo app filters enhancing their scenic quality. There are also shots of the young woman playing music on stage, all decked […]

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CAL Swim School: Fun is the Name of the Game

Whenever you go on outings, there’s always that person who never goes into the water, preferring instead to stand around sipping drinks or dip her feet by the poolside. This person probably doesn’t have a whole lot of love for water, or she wants a more laid-back day out. It’s possible that she can’t swim […]

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Learn-To-Swim Giveaway with CAL Swim School

Are you checking out swimming lessons for the summer? We’ve got the perfect one — AQUAZORB is giving away 2 free learn-to-swim sessions at CAL Swim School to six lucky winners! Get the chance to join world-class swimmers and accredited coaches at CAL Swim School, where “everyone from young kids to older adults can learn […]