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UAAP Season 77 marked the grandest season to date for the FAST Ateneo Swimming Team, a historical triumph as they swept all the awards last October 2014. The Blue Tankers were able to reclaim their championship title since their last championship victory in 2012 during the 75th UAAP Season, while the Lady Tankers also bagged a first-place podium […]


Kanlaon Expedition

  Piercing through the sky in Central Negros is Mt. Kanlaon, the highest point the Visayas and one of the largest active volcanoes in the country. Its slopes are lush with dense tropical jungles and its summit is marked by a magnificent yet desolate crater- a testament to its destructive past. Culturally, Kanlaon is a […]


My Mt. Pulag Experience

  Standing approximately 2,922 meters high above sea level, Mt. Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines. Its beautiful view comes with a price paid with sweat and sore muscles; it is not for the faint-hearted. But the grueling 4-hour trek up Abangeng trail to the summit was well worth the magnificent view. […]


Under the Italian Sun

  Going around Italy is like visiting a museum. Each city stands as a gallery; each church and monument is an antique article on display; every crack and cobblestone is a witness to legends that inspired plays by Shakespeare, movies on Casanova, and even a hit song by Bastille. Here are six of my favorite […]


The Art of Aerial Silk

People today have a growing awareness of the importance of personal fitness in maintaining one’s health. Because of this, several different types of fitness regimes have been rapidly arising in the metro, ranging from an assortment of up-and-coming sports, cross-training routines, and even dance and yoga variations. From the latter, three have been gaining traction […]