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One Team, All FAST

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Ateneo’s UAAP varsity swim team, the FAST Ateneo Swimming Team, is the team to watch out for this UAAP season. Armed with swim veterans and a new batch of top recruits, the Blue Tankers are aiming for nothing less than the championship. “I expect nothing short of excellence. Seeing everyone train so hard and determined to win the championships, I’m pretty confident that we will put up a good fight. And besides, my teammates have never given me a reason to think otherwise,” says Micco Pesueña, captain of the FAST Men’s Team.

“I am sure the Blue Lady Tankers are ready to give everyone a tough fight,” FAST Women’s Team captain Jackie Cruz shares. “With the coming of promising rookies and the comeback of veterans, I believe it will rain new records care of the Blue Lady Tankers this season.”

FAST’s high school team, defending champions of the UAAP Juniors, is currently in the running for a 10-peat this season.


“Every year we set the same expectation and goal for everyone and the team: for everyone to swim better than they have ever swum, and for the team to win it all,” says FAST program head and coach Archimedes Lim. “This year, more than ever, we feel confident that with the good number of incoming new swimmers, and the retention of most of our senior/veteran members, we have a very good chance to win the overall championship. But of course, as with the previous year, our focus and goal is still to swim FAST.”

Witness the FAST Team swim their way to the top this October 2-5 at the Rizal Memorial Complex!

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