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Pet Grooming and Hygiene

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Furry pets need to be groomed every now and then to ensure that their coats stay shiny and neat, but also to make sure that they stay healthy. Proper pet grooming includes giving your pet a bath every few months. While some prefer to have their pets bathed by professional groomers, other pet owners give them a bath at home.

One of the hardest parts of having a furry pet is getting them dry after they are bathed. Some dogs in particular have thick undercoats that take a long time to dry. Many pet owners do not understand the importance of making sure that their pets are dried thoroughly. Fur that is not dried properly breeds bacteria in the skin, which gives your pet a bad odor (and right after a bath!) More importantly, however, this can cause skin conditions that can be harmful for your pet.

Although some people do use hair dryers on their pets, it can be very uncomfortable for them, and will only dry the topmost layer of their fur if not done correctly. Most human blow-dryers have heat levels that are too high for an animal’s more sensitive skin.

By far, one of the most popular ways to dry a pet thoroughly and well is by towel-drying them. The best towel for your furry pets? Aquazorb’s new Doggyzorb towel, made especially for that one special member of your family. The fine fabric of the towel will absorb the moisture from fur quickly, and without abrasion to the hair or skin caused by regular cotton towels. Treat your pets with the same love they give you by caring for them the best way you can.