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NEW: The AQUAZORB Ateneo Sports Towel

Good things come in blue and white! The AQUAZORB Ateneo Sports Towel is designed to bring out the Blue in you. Fly high whether you’re playing a sport, going for a run, or cheering for your team at a match – a must-have for the Blue Eagle at heart! Be in the Blue loop wherever you go. […]

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Climb to the Top: Acrokat on the Silks

Like the sound of swishing blades, they fly through the air, performing breathtaking stunts in performances as awe-inspiring as their gravity-defying skills — aerial silks hang 20-30 feet high to achieve the height necessary for aerialists to perform drops and turns while suspended in the air. Performers climb the suspended fabric without the use of safety lines, […]

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J&J Taekwondo: It Takes Two to Taekwondo

John Paul Lizardo, Japoy to friends and family, appears on the cover of Sports Digest with Janice Lagman slung over his shoulder. Japoy flexes his biceps (muscled arm fully covered by his taekwondo uniform) and makes a goofy, faux-macho face while Janice flashes a grin. It all comes with a pun-y tagline that says “Let […]