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La Union Surf School: Beach Break

San Juan in La Union is a renowned surfers’ paradise, not just locally but internationally. The waves hit their highest from October to February at 4-6 feet. That’s when surfing pros come to the sleepy town in droves. They stick around for the La Union Surfing Invitational in November. Beginners, on the other hand, are […]

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Athlete Spotlight: Ana de Leon

If teen movies are to be believed, cheerleaders are the female counterparts to jocks, and students who belong to this breed dominate the corridors as they walk around campus, leaving a trail of pom-poms and school spirit flags in their wake. The stereotype is well-known: young, attractive females who look flawless even as they execute […]

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Kick High! Taekwondo Giveaway with J&J Taekwondo

Kick high this summer! Get a chance to win a free taekwondo class to be held on April 22, 2015 at Celebrity Sports Club, personally coached by none other than world-class taekwondo jins Japoy Lizardo and Janice Lagman of J&J Taekwondo School. This giveaway is open to all ages and runs from April 10-17, 2015. Participants […]


Why Myanmar?

“Veree beeyootiful?” The boatman calls out in a thick accent from the end of the boat. His face breaks into a huge grin, revealing teeth stained red from chewing betel nut. It takes me by surprise as he hasn’t said much throughout the boat ride. He raises a hand, brown from years spent as a […]