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Dream, Believe, Commit, Achieve

What’s the biggest dream you’ve ever had? Maybe when you were little you dreamt of becoming a millionaire, or a famous celebrity. Maybe you were one of those kids who was always told, “You can’t do that!” or even worse, “That’s impossible!” The older we get, the smaller our dreams become, after years and years […]

Winter Sports in a Tropical Country

In our tropical country of two seasons, there are many sports that are unavailable to us simply because we do not have the appropriate climate for it. These are the sports we can only read about, or watch on TV, particularly during the Winter Olympics which the Philippines has only very recently been part of. […]

Athlete Spotlight: Swim Your Way To The Top

The Philippines is a country where the achievements of exceptional athletes are celebrated, and the nation takes pride in their hard work and determination. Under Archimedes Lim and his group of coaches in CAL Swim School, careful tutelage and the proper motivation spurred on these outstanding young swimmers who are poised to become the best […]

Learning to Swim at CAL: Here’s Why It Matters

Summer time is the best time to hit the beach and the swimming pool to stay cool and get that sun-kissed glow that everyone around you will envy. However, even in our tropical paradise of a country where we have the sun almost all year round, not everyone knows how to swim. Some people are […]

Pet Grooming and Hygiene

Furry pets need to be groomed every now and then to ensure that their coats stay shiny and neat, but also to make sure that they stay healthy. Proper pet grooming includes giving your pet a bath every few months. While some prefer to have their pets bathed by professional groomers, other pet owners give […]