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Japan: Urban Jungle of the East

It was nearing the end of March when we hopped on a plane bound for the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. It’s funny, I have been to Japan countless of times because my flights to the US would always require a short layover in the Narita airport, but ask me how many times I’ve […]

Finding Love In Nagsasa Cove

“I first came here when I was 17 years old,” Nanay Leding, the caretaker of The Beach Place in Nagsasa Cove, told me under the shade of our Nipa hut. “Back then, there was no beach yet,” she pointed northeast towards the mountains behind us. “That was where we stayed.” It was around eight in […]

Athlete Spotlight: Gelo Linao

Wakeboarding is a water sport often confused with surfing, its more well-known cousin. The biggest difference is that surfers wait for the waves to rise, while wakeboarders make their own. They typically trail behind motor boats and ride the artificial waves that these produce. Moreover, wakeboarding combines water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques. In other […]

Wow, Davao!

March 27, 2015, MANILA — Time is 3:30 in the afternoon and the road to the airport was blanketed by a colorful sea of cars, jeepneys, and motorcyles zipping in and out between traffic lanes. Ah yes, Manila traffic. After what seemed like an eternity spent in a gridlock of vehicles (thank God for Skyway), […]

Namaste: Yoga Giveaway with Urban Ashram Manila

Want to find your inner peace? Get a chance to win two free yoga classes at Urban Ashram Manila for two – the lucky winners get one class card for themselves, and one for a friend. Whether you’re a yogini or a newbie, Urban Ashram Manila has a class for everyone. This giveaway runs from […]